If you've got a skater coming of age at home, fear not. I remember my 9-year-old son desperately wanting a skateboard. And I must admit, I was resistant at first. I won't even list all the potentia... more


Learn how much time your family spends online more

Whether it's an overnight or day camp, ask questions to get the scoop on how your camp operates. more

Camp Guide

Did you happen to see the video of the frustrated father who lashed out at his daughter’s obsession with Facebook by shooting her computer with his .45? The last time I checked, the video had recei... more


Ways to help with shyness at school Determining whether a child is ready f... more


Ways to save money on baby food. more

Family Finances

Just because your kid takes medication doesn't mean he can't have fun at camp. Just be prepared. more

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photograph by Heather Simmons

From acting to TV news, Deidra Shores is honing her skill as a storyteller more

Camp offers lessons in everything, from making friends and building self-confidence to trying something new more

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Think about whether technology is serving you, or vice versa more


Memphis is blessed with many wonderful mommy bloggers. One of the best, especially for budget-conscious parents, is In April, Dawn Curtis becomes the new owner of the domain... more


Babies change so much during the first two years. Here what's normal (and what's not). more


Memphis mom Jessica Olin has two beautiful, healthy children. When her oldest, who is now 3, was an infant, she began to notice that his head was peeling abnormally. Soon, the peeling worsened into... more


Through Community Supported Agriculture, your dividend is a weekly basket of produce more


The power of the human brain is amazing. Experts met at the Urban Child Institute to discuss the science of brains, and how to maximize early brain development.   Just the Facts At birt... more



photographs courtesy of Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau

Escape the heat of summer by hitting one of the Midwest's best-kept secrets. more



illustrations by Martha Kelly

Emily and Alyson skipped out the front door, almost forgetting their picnic lunch. It was warm outside and the lake wasn’t far away. Not for two friends lucky enough to share a shiny red tandem bic... more

I'm walking Alexander, my Pomeranian (named for my dear friend, designer Alexander McQueen), along the Bluff Walk one morning, and who should I see cooing in the clover but adorable baby Lucas. Not... more


Getting little ones to bed can be a challenge. Getting them to stay in bed come morning, is an even bigger trick. That's why we like Kid'Sleep. This child-friendly alarm clock lets preschoolers kno... more


Kids naturally love to run and play. But for a child who is overweight, active play can be fatiguing, and sometimes, even embarrassing. Fitness professional Clintonia Simmons, founder of Healthy Ki... more


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