Memphis Parent February 2011


We think about a lot of things when we bring a new baby home. How much they poop, how frequently they should be fed, whether they’re sleeping well. But we don’t always consider their body language,... Read more


In the short hallway leading to my kitchen, most of my cookbooks sit on a built-in shelf. When we chose this house, the shelf was a factor, because I really wanted my precious culinary library clos... Read more


Top tips for finding the best camp for your kid. Read more

Camp Guide

A music tradition for a new generation. Read more


Because I am the mother of nine, I am often asked what is absolutely necessary for kids to know as they develop into young adults and prepare to leave home. While integrity is a given, discovering ... Read more


Girls, Inc. teens educate their peers on infant mortality. Read more


One woman's story of survival and success as a teenage mom. Read more


You like the pill, but is it best for your daughter? Read more


Two words come to my mind,” says Summer Owens as she scans an auditorium full of pregnant teenagers. “Dream and move. You have to have a dream, something to aspire to. And you have to begin to move... Read more


When we think of depression, we usually think of sadness or melancholy. But during the teen years, depression can take other forms. Moodiness, anger, alcohol or drug abuse, self-mutilation, eve... Read more


Ever since I decided to live life frugally, I have wanted to develop a personal price book, but the project seemed so daunting A price book is a personally made notebook that lists frequently p... Read more

Family Finances

Used to be bullies made life miserable only at school, but with kids connected via cell phones and the Internet, ugly rumors and taunting can fly 24/7. The problem sometimes becomes serious enough ... Read more


Brooks Museum exhibit features teen photos and essays. Read more

Young jazz vocalist Taylor Daniel is packing a sleek suit for several high-profile gigs in Los Angeles this month. Taylor won a position in the prestigious GRAMMY Jazz Ensembles for the third conse... Read more

As a mother, I was hesitant about tuning in to MTV’s Teen Moms reality show. Ugh, I thought, do we really need a reality program that potentially glamorizes teen motherhood? When I consider how our... Read more


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