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Social gathering

These stores have hundreds of people coming in for crazy things that are not essential things. Plants, Paint, Blinds, flooring.. etc They have their WHOLE family coming in with masks, gloves you name it.. They are inches apart.. something has GOT to be done.. from Bartlett Tn 38135 We workers NEED HELP!!!! Lowe's and Home Depot We know we have to be there! But we do not need the wave of people that are coming in.. parking lot was 2/4 full at 7:30 am.. Please help us..! We need you soo very much to make this STOP!!!! Not just for our health but theirs also! We want to go home and NOT infect our love ones.. It is like a spring break for the WHOLE FAMILY!!!!! PLEASE HELP US, WE BEG YOU!!!!

Jocamo 240 days ago

Covid 19

Seat crosstown building,Memphis ten,,500 workers ,,,working side by side,,,like nothing is goin on with this virus

Tony 249 days ago


My husband just flew from Memphis Tn to Houston Tx. March13-15 2020. He flew from Houston Tx back home to Memphis,Tn. Our home is in Southaven MS.He has not felt well since he has been home. Low grade fever, cough, fatigue and body aches. He has called our closest Hospital ER and they directed him to call his primary care physician. He did and the answer he got was “we don’t yet have any testing kits.”
Where do we go from here?

Kaye Tune Ross 262 days ago