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Keep your child entertained with these local day camp options. Read more



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We've found some fun options. Read more

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Take a Shower As you might expect, once kids are out from under Mom’s watch, skipping a shower is the norm. After all, who will notice, right? Wrong. Showering is part of a camp’s daily routine, so... Read more

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Ease the transition from home to camp. Read more

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The summer camp experience makes kids stronger and more independent Read more

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Is it the norm for a summer camp to have a strict electronics policy? Read more

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Helping your reader learn the importance of making and keeping friends Read more

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Make this the summer your kid learns the basics Read more


Friendships bloom at summer camp. Read more

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Culinary fun

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Finding a residential camp for your child takes legwork, but your investment in research will mean peace of mind for you — as well as dividends of fun for your child. Read more

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Summer camp is a time-honored tradition, rich with activities, newfound friendships, and a lifetime of memories. Explore a few ways to make your child’s camp experience smooth sailing from start to finish. Read more

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Hutchison School's Center for Excellence offers educational enrichment for the community Read more

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Give your kids a summer to remember with these local day camp options Read more

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While researching summer camps, we found most have strict electronics policies. Is this the norm? A: Walking into a cabin of new kids can be hard enough, but doubly so if the campers all brough... Read more

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Happy Hollow Children's Camp, Nashville, Indiana

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These tips will help save your sanity Read more

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Considering an overnight camp for the first time? Talk with your child about the adventure ahead. Read more

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Just because your kid takes medication doesn't mean he can't have fun at camp. Just be prepared. Read more

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Whether it's an overnight or day camp, ask questions to get the scoop on how your camp operates. Read more

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Camp offers lessons in everything, from making friends and building self-confidence to trying something new Read more

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In writing about preparing kids for residential camp this month, I couldn’t help but reflect on own my experience. I think I did a fair job of preparing my kid for camp. And yet, his experience and... Read more

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