Memphis Parent October 2011


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By the time my baby James was 6 months old, life had finally calmed down at my house. The fussiness and crying had stopped, and he seemed content to play on his own. Bathrooms were clean again. Bed... Read more


Great activities to explore with your toddler or preschooler. Read more

New moms stress over stuff. The good news? You'll survive. Read more


Forget pie — we're talking pumpkin soup and bread Read more


Feeling the need for a challenge, I hit the wall. Read more


When domestic violence lurks, children are its victims. Read more


Behind the scenes of Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba. Read more

  Our children are mirrors, reflecting images of what happens around them. In addition to sharing genetic similarities with parents, they reflect the gestures, language, and interests of the ad... Read more


Q&A: How to Evaluate Your Child’s Writing Skills My fourth-grader’s writing is very sloppy, and she misspells a lot of words. Her sentences are also only three or four words long. If I ask her ... Read more


Get crafty on creating this once-a-year outfit. Sometimes I chuckle when people tout do-it-yourself projects as a way to save money. The same goes for do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. By the time you shop to gather all the “money-saving”... Read more

Family Finances

These family farms welcome visitors at harvest time... Read more

  In preparing for this month’s special report on the effects of domestic violence and trauma on children, I found myself thinking back to my own childhood, and the times my parents fought. It ... Read more


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